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Mission Statement

At Zeta Psi we know how special our community is and we realize how important it is for us to do all we can do to help give back to the people who helped shape us into the men we are today.



     During the fall of 2017, we were approached by the friend of an active brother to aide in a Breast Cancer fundraiser, which we happily accepted. By promoting and helping to organize an event at a favoured local night club, Alpha Mu was able to raise over a $1000 to sponsor a Halifax local climbing Kilimanjaro in support of breast cancer research.


     In November of 2017 the brothers participated in Movember and managed to raise just over $3000 for the Movember Foundation.


     In the fall of 2017, a few of our brothers volunteered their time to work with Souls Harbour Rescue Mission to provide a warm thanksgiving meal to those less fortunate.



     In March a group of brothers volunteered with The Lung Association of Nova Scotia to sell 50/50 tickets at a Halifax Hurricanes basketball game, which turned into a great success for the Lung Association.

     In 2017, Carol Balcom, the aunt of Brother Mikey Balcom, diagnosed with lung cancer. Five brothers trained for the Annual Bluenose 15KM road race in an effort to raise money for the Lung association of Nova Scotia. During the three-month training process, they collected donations from friends and family with a goal of raising $1,000. Brothers Kyle Smith, Tanner Porteous, Lucas Drummond, Mikey Balcom, and Luke Meijer successfully completed the race and exceeded their initial goal of $1,000 and raised $1,045 for the Lung Association of Nova Scotia.


     During the month of November 2018, the Alpha Mu chapter raised over $3500 dollars for the Movember Foundation, only the Alpha Psi chapter raised more. 


     As a continuation of the efforts of 2018, the brothers put together another team consisting of Luke Meijer, Justin Cabrera, Mikey Balcom, Johnny Boland, and Cody Carta Bomersine. This year they upped their game and raced the Bluenose Half Marathon 21KM road race. The brothers set a goal of exceeding the previous year’s amount of $1,045 and instead raised $1,225 for the Lung Association of Nova Scotia. 

Upcoming Volunteering Endeavors 

Currently the Brothers are fundraising for the Movember Foundation and are aiming to exceed last years total and get to $4000. You can donate to the Alpha Mu team HERE.

The first weekend of March, the Zeta Psi Alpha Mu chapter will be collecting clothes for our second annual clothing drive. Registration to have your clothes picked up will open in early February. 

Need Volunteers? Please go to the Contact Us tab or find us on Facebook about your volunteering opportunity and a member will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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