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The Founding

During the fall of 1937, brothers Rowan C. Coleman, Alpha Psi '36 (Pi Epsilon '36); Stuart Lane, Sigma Epsilon '36; and Gerald R.K. Lynch, Sigma Epsilon '37; found themselves together at the Dalhousie University Law School. They began to discuss the possibility of starting a chapter in Halifax around the Dalhousie University and Kings College area.


On November 27th, 1937 a historic dinner took place between the three brothers as mentioned prior and six other brothers; Henry P. MacKeen, Alpha Psi '14; Daniel C. Harvey, Pi Epsilon '21; Michael Dwyer Jr. Alpha Psi '24; George M. Mitchell, Alpha Psi '23; John A. Moriarty, Alpha Psi '26; and David A. Killam, Sigma Epsilon '39; were in attendance.


In the following spring of 1938, the chapter began to operate behind closed doors in the house of H.P. MacKeen. It was not until fourteen months later that the chapter was officially found, on January 27th, 1939. Brother Stuart Lane was elected the first president of the chapter on February 3rd, 1939.


Soon after the chapter founding, the Second World War broke out, and it was not long after that Canada joined the war. The huge demand for the war made keeping a chapter house impossible and made finding new brothers just as unlikely. In 1941 two brothers returned to the university, followed by a third who returned from combat overseas. During the conflict, the Alpha Mu chapter lost a fourth of its active members overseas. Brothers Stuart C. Lane, Sigma Epsilon ’36, and Alpha Mu ’39; Otto H. Antoft ’41; and David Smith ’44. Because of the tremendous losses of brothers, the Alpha Mu chapter ceased to remain.

It was not until two years after the Second World War in the fall of 1947 that the Alpha Mu chapter was reactivated. This was with the help of many elder brothers still living in Halifax and brothers Wallace and G.R.K Lynch, Sigma Epsilon ’37. 

The Modern Era

Since the time of our first founding, the Zeta Psi Alpha Mu chapter has gone through a lot together and was shut down twice from 1947 to 2006. In 2011, the chapter was reformed and with it brought new life. With this reformation of the Alpha Mu chapter, the brothers have put a great emphasis on community involvement. This started with shovelling snow, to working with organizations around Halifax that need the help (for more information go to the Philanthropy page). Furthermore, the chapter has become stronger than ever, forming brotherly bonds that will last for years after graduation. In our efforts to strengthen our ties as brothers and to the community, our chapter won the Zeta Psi Bronze Award, indicating acknowledgment of our dedication to ourselves and the community, constant work on improving ourselves, and for the strong brotherly bonds formed.   

A detailed summary of Zeta Psi history can be found here

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